Whose foot is this?

Sorry I am a day late with this blog post. I was cheering at SIX03 Summerfest yesterday and then got busy with work stuff. We had a blast cheering and cowbelling and yelling random things at runners. It was a great club event with a fun after party.


My recovery is going well. I logged just a little over 30 miles this week with some small mountains and started easing back into strength training. I registered for a mountain 50k in September as a training run. I hope that was a good decision. I am reading race reports about it now that make it sound really hard. It is the Pisgah 50k.

I also had a nice visit from my elusive little brother this weekend. We did a little back woods hiking and I snuck some photos of him.

I have been struggling with my right foot again. It is the one that lost some sensation and has tremors. I have been smashing it into things again this week. I have stubbed it 5 times in the last two days and my toes are all bruised and painful. It feels like it is someone else’s foot, it does not behave or respond.  I may need to stay off of technical stuff for a few days. Stupid foot. Not much else to report for this week. Over and out.

1 thought on “Whose foot is this?

  1. Is this the sequel to My Left Foot? Until it is retrained, you will find a way around it…I love you and am happy to see you out there doing what you do.


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