Sporty History

Over the past few years I have experimented with high mileage training. When I am on target I average at around 100 miles per week.   As you will see by my race results, I am not the fastest horse at the track but I seem to have a high threshold for daily mileage. I am new to competitive racing but here are some spotlight moments of my athletic achievements in the past:

1999- Solo bicycle trip from California to NH.  After completing 2 years of Peace Corps service in Lesotho, I flew to California and cycled across the country as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. I was self supported and carried my own camping gear. I rode over 3,500 miles averaging around 85 miles a day.

2002- Solo bicycle trip from Key West Florida to NH-In response to 9/11 I organized a project called “Chain across America” 5 pieces of bike chain attached to notebooks were distributed to various community groups in Key West. Each segment of the chain was in a race to beat me back to NH. In order for the book to pass from person to person, the holder had to commit to doing a good deed for their community within the next 6 months and log it into the notebook. Participants were also encouraged to write letters to students at Woodman Park School in Dover NH as they were tracking my progress.  The project was a success and we heard back from many people who were volunteering time and donating money to local organizations. The bike ride was around 1,700 miles.  Obstacles included, dealing with gale force winds, the heat of the Everglades, flooding in the Smokey Mountains, a fractured collarbone from a dog attack and snow fall in the northern states. I was self supported and carrying camping gear on that trip as well.

2009- Gunstock Winter Triathlon– Although I came in 3rd to last, I consider this race to be one of my greatest achievements. When it comes to endurance sports, it is easy to endure when you do well, but if you can continue to endure during a difficult time; this is when you can confront your greatest challenges.

2011-Sugarloaf Marathon ME-8th place female 3:25:23

2011-Howies Field of Dreams -5k– 3rd place female 21:12

2012-Ghost Train 60 Miler- 1st place female, second overall finisher 11:31

2013-Ghost Train 100 Miler-3rd place female 21:47

2014-Solo and Self Supported run from CA to NY- 91 days from West to East. Second woman in history to cross the continental USA solo and self supported

2015-Ghost Train 100 Miler- 1st place female 21:19