One Week Later

It has been a full week since I finished the Vermont 100. I am taking a full ten days off from training to get a solid recovery before I jump back into ultra-mode for the Ghost Train. I have been back to work since Tuesday and feel pretty good. Just mild lingering fatigue and a voracious appetite. When I finished the race last week I took a bite of a veggie burger in the med tent and it blistered my throat. Perhaps it was made out of ghost peppers? I have had a sore throat ever since and went to get tested to insure that I didn’t have strep or anything contagious. Everything came back normal.

I don’t have too many photos because this week has been rather uneventful but here are some from the race that didn’t make it into last weeks blog.



I  was so inspired by Vermont adaptive that I  registered  on United in Stride to become a sighted guide for visually impaired runners. I don’t know if I will get the opportunity to meet up with someone but I have been reading through the tutorials to prepare myself in case someone contacts me. You can sign up too! United In Stride

So that is all for now, I am just resting, hashing out my training plan for the next few months and catching up on sleep. It feels like the eye of a storm. Calm contemplation and within a short matter of time I will be back in the cyclone of ultra-training. But this time, less vertical and technical terrain and more speed. I am waiting for a pair of Altra Torins to arrive in the mail, I haven’t tried them yet but need something a little more cushy after Vermont crushed my feet. Have a great week everyone!

3 thoughts on “One Week Later

  1. Good morning! I found your blog through a search on United in Stride. I work for the Health Center at Faith Mission. I have been working with a gentleman lately who is visually impaired and would like to get back into running. If you still volunteer with United in Stride, I am wondering if you would be interested in working with him. Please contact me and let me know!


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