If You are a human than you know that life is all about ups and downs. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all ride these waves. One day you might be victorious and wearing the laurel crown and feeling fulfilled with abundance and harmony. 

Other days, the trials of life can be overwhelming. It can feel like the decks are stacked against us and streaks of bad luck or trying situations tempt us to fold. I have been feeling like Artax the horse sinking in the swamp of sadness these past couple of weeks. Things have not been going in the direction that I wanted them too and the more I struggle, the deeper I sink. How do you get back out?

One thing that has helped is surrounding myself with friends and family who love me. My running club SIX03 Endurance had a holiday party this week and despite being in an emotional funk I got all gussied up and went to Portsmouth. It was the first time I ever saw my running buddies wearing something other than spandex! They clean up well. We had a blast. And I still can’t decide if these people are crazier running out on the trails or jumping around on the dance floor.

Another thing that has helped has been focusing on my training. Despite the fact that other things in life are beyond my control I still have the ability to dig deep and work really hard to get stronger and more fit. Even if I am crabby and tired to start out I always feel accomplished and empowered after doing a hard workout. I also connected with a lot of friends to do group runs. I ran 86.3 miles this week. Some were on trails, some on mountains and some were in harder effort road runs. I jumped in with my friend Jon who is marathon training and did his workout with him. We ran 20 miles and his coach wanted him to drop down to sub 8 minute miles at the end. I did my best to keep up and pulled it off. The overall pace was 8:09 for the 20 miles. That is not bad for coming off of ultra recovery. I felt pretty good.

Another strategy for trying to pull myself out of the quagmire is to do nice things for others. It’s hard to feel bad for yourself if you focus on other people. It also helps put things back into perspective. I have been giving people small gifts because the smile that you get in return can add happiness to the day. Some of my clients have been lucky recipients of apple tarts and cookies. And although money is really tight I have made small donations to some people who have found themselves to be homeless. And I also made a small contribution to the https://www.facebook.com/sacoriverwildlifecenter/ .

If you read last weeks blog you know that I found an unhealthy baby porcupine in my yard and called these guys in for assistance. Our little guy is doing very well! He was extremely emaciated and they had to put him on a special diet at first but he is eating really well now. They think that he had been separated from his mom. Due to his low weight and the fact that he was born too late in the season he will not survive winter if they release him now. They will be keeping him until he is healthy enough to be on his own in the spring. I am very grateful for their help!

And finally, I can tell you the great news. I am starting to get sponsorship for my Infinitus 888k race! I just found out that https://www.veestro.com/  will be supplying me with delicious prepared plant based meals and juices for the entire race. I am so excited! The food was going to be a huge obstacle for me. I couldn’t figure out how to instruct a revolving crew how to cook and get supplies for me. But this is going to be amazing and easy. Everything on the menu looks so good!

I also got fantastic news from my Chiropractor. Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about Dr. Middleton. https://www.middletonchiropractic.net/ He is so gifted at what he does and has been a key part of keeping me uninjured while I compete. He told me that he would like to sponsor me as an athlete and he will also be coming up to the race while I run Infinitus 888k and giving me an adjustment! I will surely be in need of it. I feel so honored to have his support and will run stronger just knowing that he will be coming. 

So that is all for now. And I guess my point is that sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it is a struggle to keep your chin up. But eventually good things will come again. So if you are someone who is struggling right now just know that you are not alone. The holiday season can be especially hard but we are all here for each other. Love the people who let you, be kind to others and keep being the best version of yourself and things will turn around. And as usual I will end by giving the links for people who want to support my adventures at Infinitus 888k. Until next week. Thanks for following!



What A Dummy

Apologies for the late blog post! I was attending one of my moms shows last night. She is singing in the Rock My Soul choir. The performance was awesome! Stu Dias from the Soggy Po Boys sang with them and Santa Clause even showed up! They still have more shows and I highly recommend going to see them. (insert shameless advert)


The plan was to blog when I got home but instead I ended up wandering around outside in the dark looking for a porcupine. I have been seeing this little guy for years and now I think he is sick or something. He has been staying in the yard and not going back into the woods. I found him and gave him some apple slices. He was rubbing his little hands together in the cold. I am going out to check on him again soon.

I have been feeling pretty down since Ghost Train. I just haven’t feel quite right, my body was sore and my energy was low. I have not really  been excited about running. I usually take vitamins and supplements, but for financial reasons, I had stopped taking them several months back. I finally got around to starting them again and it was a rapid and instant fix for my problems. Within two days I felt like my energy was back to normal and now, my runs feel way easier. I feel like such a dummy! I wish I had figured that out before the TARC 40 miler. My recovery from that race has actually been great.

47286145_2278690388816915_1695448575003066368_nI ran 79 miles this week. I banged out 12 miles at a 7:30 pace the day that I did my track workout. It is funny to run the Dover High track now. The new school sits right beside the track and you know that a bunch of teenagers are probably making fun of you. For that very reason I tried my best to look good while I ran my 8X800’s.

I did a really tough 20 miler with monster hills. I went to the back roads of Barnstead where I used to live. I got chased by some dogs with their hackles up and was sliding around on the ice. It was just like the good old days. I felt strong though and despite the fact that it was only 14 degrees when I started I stayed fairly warm.

As you may recall I was supposed to have vascular surgery last week. I have been rescheduled for next week. I am a little frustrated to be feeling so good, knowing that I will end up starting from scratch again in a few weeks. My hope is that some of this fitness will carry over and still be there for me when I recover. Well, that is all of my news for now, here are a few photos from my runs. I don’t have many because my camera tends to die in the cold weather. Thanks for following my adventures! As usual the links to support my adventures at Infinitus are listed below.


IMG_20181128_103953552 (1)


Pacer/Crew signup INFINITUS 888k

Good Race or Bad Race?

I am pleased to announce that I finished the TARC Winter Classic 40 miler yesterday! I want to do a race report with a little more depth than usual. I try to look at every race event as a lesson and a stepping stone to becoming a better athlete.

First, I will give a little bit of background on this race. In the fall of 2016, I was considering running the race and went down to Stoneham MA with some friends to preview the course. At that time, the race was six years old but the total number of women who had completed the 40 mile distance was only 7. I was thinking that a simple finish would be bragging rights. We all piled into my friends truck and went out to investigate the Skyline trail in the Middlesex Fells in Stoneham MA. It is a strange parcel of land that is a mess of rocks and roots and slippery leaves. You are always either climbing or descending, my friend pointed out that the elevation profile looks like a bad lie detector test. When you get to the top you have a skyline view of Boston. We were planning on running some loops of the course. Each loop is 8 miles long. Before we even finished one loop half of the crew had fallen and injured themselves. Several people had multiple face plants from catching toes on roots, and Liz slipped on some leaves and blew her knee out. As we limped out of the woods I vowed that I would never run that race, ESPECIALLY the 40 miler.



Since then I have done several tough trail races and have improved my skills. And now that I am gearing up for Infinitus 888k I thought that this would be a good training race for me where I could practice my suffering. It isn’t the type of course that I could ever run fast on. I tend to be more of a glider than a gazelle and I struggle on technical courses where you need to do high knees to clear rocks. By this time, the race was 7 years old and 11 females total had finished the race. I figured I would run conservatively with my goals being:

  • Don’t fall
  • Don’t trash my legs
  • Finish

I hadn’t fully bounced back from Ghost Train and was feeling pretty under-trained. When my running buddies were ramping up their miles for this race I was still recovering and in rest mode. I threw down a 20 miler the week before as a last ditch effort to test my endurance. All of my friends had registered for the 32 miler and I was the only knuckle head who signed up for the full 40. Sigh. I set my alarm clock for 3:30 a.m. so I could drive to Dover and carpool with everyone. My friend Maureen had agreed to come and pace me for the last lap and then drive me home. Fool proof plan! Any thought of dropping out would be pointless if I didn’t have a way to get home.


So we started running at 7:00 a.m. Runners had the choice to run the 8 mile loops in either direction. I chose clockwise and the crowd was pretty thick on the first climb. When we crested the hill I saw a bunch of people bushwhacking their way to the trail. They had taken a wrong turn and were trying to get back on course. This would be common occurrence for the rest of the day. The trail took a sharp turn and the woman in front of me smashed her foot and started yelling. She told me that she was fine and told me to pass. I heard someone behind me say that she broke her ankle. I looked at my watch. Only ten minutes had elapsed since the start of the race. This was going to be a long day! I never did hear news about that woman but hope that everything was ok.



Eventually my friends who were running the 32 miler caught up and passed me. It was tempting to stick with them but I had to run my own race. I wanted to keep my loops at a fairly even pace without pulling a crash and burn. I was grabbing PB& J’s and grapes at the aid stations but kept squashing them because you needed to use your hands on some of the ascents.


My energy felt good but eventually my low back started to get tight and slowed me down. I ended up running a good portion of the 4th lap with John Fegyveresi. He was featured in the Barkley Marathon Documentary and is a super interesting person. He has done Barkley, Western States, Hardrock and Vol State and a long list of  other endurance events. He was telling me cool stories about his ice core research and travels and it made the time fly by. I finally started to do the math and realize how hard the cutoff was. People running the 32 miler needed to finish the 3rd loop by 2 p.m. but people running the 40 miler needed to finish the 4th loop by 2:30! Good lord! I needed to be in the front of the pack for the 32 mile race to continue the 40 miler. I finished loop 4 in 7:04 . I would have been 4th place female out of 21 women in that race but I still had a lap to go. So it was confusing because on one hand, I did really well, but if I had added just over 6 minutes to each loop I would have missed the cut off. Zoiks!


Maureen showed up to run the last loop with me, we grabbed headlamps because the sun was going down in 2 hours. At this point I knew that a sub 9 hour finish was out of the question. I figured that we would take the last lap nice and easy. She even did a nice photo shoot of me on the skyline!


I watched people trip and fall all day long but I had still managed to stay on goal and remain upright. I wanted to tell Maureen about that goal but I knew that saying it out loud before I crossed the finish would be a curse. The temps were dropping and we were chasing the sunset. I finally crossed the finish line in 9:18. I got a little bit emotional to realize that a big group of my friends had waited 2 hours for me to come back and cross the finish line! I was feeling the love.


Bear with me while I rattle of some weird numbers and statistics now. The title of this blog is “good race or bad race” because the numbers are all very confusing. I was 4th place out of 5 women who finished. And I was 14th overall out of 19 people who finished the 40 miler. My initial reaction was to be disappointed by my placement because I landed in the back of the pack. I later learned that 12 people didn’t finish at all so I was glad just to have made it. I am now  officially one out of 15 women to have finished the 40 miler in the last 8 years. The top two women this year ran the two fastest female finish times on record. It was a pleasure and an honor to share the course with them. So after looking at the numbers in more depth I am satisfied with my results. I think it was a case of small fish big pond effect. I was running with a pack of super talented athletes and the average achievement level was through the roof. I hit all of the goals that I set for myself and will call this a success. Well, I confess that I am exhausted and bleary eyed as I write this blog so it is time to call it a night. Thank you for following my adventures!





Thrown Out Of My Gang?

I finally got the cold out of my lungs and was able to get a fairly decent training week in the books. The trails and roads have been an icy mess so my 65 miles were hard earned. I am notorious for dressing up as a food item for Thanksgiving day races and continued my tradition this year by showing up at the Dover Turkey Trot as a bag of dinner rolls. The under appreciated side dish. I made the costume out of old pantyhose and poly-fill which was almost like being packed inside of a box of insulation. And good thing because it was below zero and quite windy! My cellophane wrapper was crinkling and blowing me all over the place. I was pretty surprised to find out that I won second place in my division but I guess the cold slowed everyone down. My favorite part was when my 95 year old neighbor called me on the telephone to let me know that I was on the front page of the newspaper in my costume. I am a famous athlete now!

My hamstring has been a tangle of knots this week and it slowed me down on my 20 miler. I am hoping that I wont feel it as much on the trail next week when I run the TARC Winter Classic. I feel a little bit unprepared for a 40 mile race right now but at least it looks like the course will be free of ice and snow by next week. Fingers crossed!

I went for a 9 mile run this morning with my girl gang and we were slipping and sliding around on the back roads that were still covered in ice. My balance was a little bit off today and I kept running into Holly. To top it off I was caught on film by Angela Bekkala plowing my friend Sarah Canney over! She is preparing to go compete in the 2019 world snowshoe championships in Italy this January. The last thing she needs is me breaking her ankle by running her over in Suburbia. Luckily, she is a skilled road warrior and managed to stay upright. I hope I don’t get thrown out of my gang for rough play haha!



Well that is most of my news for now. Now I need to taper a little to get ready for my 40 mile race next weekend. It is not an A race and more of a training run but I would like to run well and come out unscathed. It looks like I have some friends who are willing to come down and pace me for the last lap which will likely be in darkness. Tune in next week to see what happens!

As usual here are the links for anyone who is interested in supporting my attempt at Infinitus 888k:



Live Show Recording is Available!

For those of you who missed it, I had the honor of being a guest panelist on the Lindsey Hein show! I had a blast and met some incredible people. I am so thankful that Sarah Canney/ Run Rise Retreat made this event possible. You can listen to the show here: Episode 152 Portsmouth, NH


And it seems I am famous in Portsmouth for other reasons too! I got a snippet on the Chronical show about the Portsmouth Halloween parade. I am the creature with long fingers at 0:24 Parade Video 

I have really been struggling to get back into training since Ghost Train. The first 11 days were my normal rest period but after that I was having some issues with tight adductors and medial knee pain. I finally got that sorted out when I went to see my chiropractor, Dr. Middleton. But as soon as I tried to run again I came down with some kind of yuck with stomach distress and chest congestion. My miles were sporadic as I tried to get back on my feet. I think I finally turned the corner this weekend and hope to jump back into training. Lucky that I waited a week to post so I still have a bunch of running photos to share!

I also had a great conference call with The Brain Injury Association of America this week. Starting in January we will get the ball rolling to do a fundraiser for them that is connected to my Infinitus 888k attempt. In the meanwhile they suggested that I work on securing funds and supplies to cover my own needs for the event. I am hoping to get some sponsorship from a particular shoe company and will find out in January. I am also contacting some vegan food companies to see if they would like to get involved. And as always I will share the links below for anyone who would like to contribute to my GOFUNDME  or sign up to Pace or crew Infinitus888k.

And guess what is next???!!! Thanksgiving…which means I will be running the Dover Turkey Trot in a dumb food costume…tune in next week to see what I come up with. Thanks for following my adventures!



Back in Business

Rest and recovery time is over!  I took 11 days off from running after the Ghost Train 100.  During that time I still walked, hiked and did some dance classes. I also danced and marched in the Portsmouth Halloween parade! That was fun and I definitely got some exercise.


And that was not my last time in a costume because I went to Stonecat trail marathon and 50 miler to cheer and support my friends who were racing. It was absolutely miserable with cold rain and wind and I figured that my squirrel suit might cheer them up. I have no idea how they hung in there, it was terrible weather and the trail conditions were awful. I am so proud of them for sticking it out. The definition of endurance athletes!

So now I start training for my next event. I am running the 40 miler TARC winter classic in the Middlesex Fells. I am not really planning on racing that one. It will just be a long training run to get back in the swing of things. A large group of us from SIX03 went down today to run the course. I did 16 miles and my body felt pretty good. It was a fun day and we can only hope that the weather is as perfect then as it was today.


Also, remember that amazing person who was juggling, riding a unicycle and wearing stylish outfits at Ghost Train with me? That was Derrick Hamel and he ran a 2:25:43 at the NY Marathon today! My friend captured this picture..he isn’t even touching the ground! Amazing performance. I am so proud of him and feel honored that someone that fast was willing to be MY pacer in a race!


So that is it for this week. I am preparing to be on the guest panel of the Lindsey Hein show this Friday in Portsmouth. Tickets are still available if you want to come!  Tickets

I am also excited to be connecting up with the Brain Injury Association this week to come up with ideas of how to make my Infinitus 888k a fundraiser and awareness campaign for them. Everything I do between now and May is all a ramp up for that race…I admit that I am having a hard time envisioning 547 miles but I have time. As usual here are the links for anyone who is interested in joining or supporting that adventure! Thanks!…until next week …

Infinitus 888k crew and pacers


Recovery And Other News

After a 100 miler I usually take about 10 full days off from running. I still went out for some nice short hikes with my mom. Some of my friends and I did a little night hike up Blue Job Mountain and got some nice views.The weather has been pretty lousy so I haven’ exactly had a burning desire to go out and run anyway. My body feels good for the most part. I still have some soreness in my sartorius and have been trying to work out some knots and tightness.



I am still riding the high of Ghost Train and more photos get posted every day. For those of you who are ultra-running fans, MNT Outhouse showed a random photo of me running with my coffee cup while Jam Jam was talking about Jinks record finish time. Hilarious, they must have uploaded the wrong photo. When I left the course this year I was saying that maybe I would not return because I had hit all of my bench marks. (first place female in 2015 and my sub 20 hour finish this year) But then, an interesting article popped up and I was surprised to read that my friend Yuki missed continental top 25 by 3 minutes. That means that I missed it by 25 minutes. 15 seconds per mile…can I shave that off next year? Hmmmm. More aerodynamic hats? Food for thought.

Interesting article!


I might not be running but I still went to a race today. The Great Pumpkin Relay is one of SIX03’s best races! I cheered and took photos of people in their Halloween Costumes. I had to leave to go to work but I am guessing that the guys running with beer pong tables attached to them won the costume contest. And they call ME crazy!


So hopefully by next weekend I will start easing back into training again. My next race is TARC Winter classic on December 1st. A mere 40 miler. The week after that I am scheduled for vascular surgery. I have genetic vascular disease and I have been having issues with reflux and blood clots. Recovery should be fairly quick. 2 days off from work and 2 weeks off from running. The good news is that the Dr. said that removing the damaged veins will help the blood get to my heart faster and it might improve my running…vroom vroom! Well, that is all for this week. As always, thanks for following my adventures!



White whale! White whale! This is what I was bellowing as I crossed the finish line of the Ghost Train 100 miler in 19:44:39 in the dark and early hours of Sunday morning. It was my seventh year attending this race. I completed the 60 miler twice, volunteered and paced one year and had 3 prior 100 mile finishes under my belt. I even got lucky in 2015 and had the honor of being first place female. But my actual goal has always been the elusive sub 20 hour. 44475398_731197337214693_5109122314537009152_n

At the end of most 100 mile races, I submit to the pain in my feet and legs. The inevitable fatigue and desire to stop cause me to take long walk breaks after mile 75. I knew that the only way to get the sub 20 was to push past that and take it to a different level and keep running.

In my mind, this is all training for Infinitus 888k. I need to fine tune my suffering skills. I was trying to keep this in the forefront of my thoughts the day before the race as I came down with a low grade fever and was sneezing and feeling ill. I took doses of my home brew elderberry syrup, fire cider and other cold remedies that I keep on hand. By afternoon it moved to my stomach and I was having some GI distress. At about 2 a.m. Sunday I woke up dripping with sweat with body aches. A lesson in suffering, I thought to myself. I was pretty sure that my sub 20 was out of the question but I would go push through the race anyway to test my discomfort threshold out.

One of the organizers made one of the funniest pre-race statements I have ever heard. I will put this in quotes: “The road crossing is very busy. And it is dump day. But we have a police officer down there. And he has a gun.” Hahaha! Love it!!!



I was almost more excited about the costumes then the actual race. I had 6 people crewing for me and I had put together costumes and decorations for the theme of  “Goldman’s Royal Circus” Because the race is so close to Halloween a lot of people dress up and wear crazy outfits. I had a different hat for every lap but I must confess that I was upstaged this year. For example, this photo, no one even notices my sparkling cowgirl hat because of the company I keep.


And when I wore my beer mug hat no one noticed because I was running with my friend Yuki who had the most epic face paint job on earth. We were cracking up because this race is so crazy you can wear something wild and no one bats and eyelash.


My friend and pacer, Derrick, was quite a star. He rode his unicycle, juggled, and paced me in a spectacular suit that caused quite a stir on the course. He even juggled fire at night! He really kept my spirits up and I remember a time at night I was out on the trail rambling about how I had a burning desire for orange drink or lemonade and Derrick magically showed up at the Milford turn around in a plaid polyester suit with a jug of lemonade for me!

My mom and Charlie just dressed in their normal attire.

My mom actually drove all the way back home from the race to take care of my little cat Phoebe and then drove all the way back to see me cross the finish line!

The whole crew was incredible and Derrick, Ali, Sean, Holly and Charlie all took turns pacing me at the end. My Fenix 2 watch gave up the ghost and I really needed my pacers to help me stay on track. I can honestly say that I never would have achieved my time goal without them. They pushed, pulled and prodded me along.

I was no longer feeling sick. Perhaps it was a 24 hour illness or maybe the excitement and adrenaline drove it out. All I know is that I started to wonder if I could pull off my dream goal. I struggled with my left knee off and on. It would get tight and then buckle every now and then. I just pushed through and tried to stay positive. Poor Ali had me during a rough spell. I was tired and sore and frustrated. It also got cold and damp when darkness came. I remember Ali saying, “You look good, and your constant motion makes your face radiate” hahaha, I have no idea what that meant but it made me laugh after a prolonged period of silence. I also had my first hallucination, I thought I saw a guy  running in a terry cloth bathrobe.

Sean had me for a chatty phase. I blame it on him because I think he draws out my crazy side. I was rambling on about all sorts of nonsense. Seeming he apparently caught it on video I will admit that I tried to convince him that when I passed gas, there were secret prophetic messages hidden within, but you just have to get your ear really close to hear it. What can I say? Don’t knock it until you try it.


It was also my lap with Sean where I decided to try my skills at becoming a speed sniffer. They have rows of  jack o’ lanterns lit up on the course at night and they have scented candles inside. I was trying to identify all of the smells as we ran through: Citrus, cinnamon, butterscotch, cucumbers, new car smell, diaper cream, leather coats, toothpaste, some guys A**, unscented.

Holly had to pace me between miles 75 and 90. I remember her asking me if I had any upcoming races. In the dark secret parts of my mind I was already cancelling all future races because I was thinking that I never wanted to run again! I believe I said, “I don’t want to talk about that” Bahahaha! Sorry Holly!

For the second time that night I tripped on a tree root and took a nasty spill. I felt bad but I was not very conversational at that point, I was just grunting and moaning and groaning at Holly. My body hurt. I wanted to stop. She gave me a wisp disposable toothbrush to use at around mile 81 and it lifted my spirits. It’s the small things. I was getting overly emotional because of the fatigue and I almost cried tears of happiness when Holly told me a story about her daughter doing tricks with the magic hat that I brought. I also cried a little when I saw a cute dog with curly hair on the course. Haha! Run 100 miles and you might understand.

I was down to the last ten miles. I watched more than a few really strong and talented runners drop out throughout the night. I kept wondering if I would be the next. My stepfather Charlie was my pacer for the last leg. He is not usually a distance runner but he had been specifically training for this pacing duty. Due to injury and schedule he hadn’t logged many miles recently and this would be his longest run in quite some time. He had paced me in years past when I took a lot of walk breaks. I was secretly hoping that he would pick me up and we would take a leisurely stroll on the trail like the good old days.

Not a chance in hell! He was running full tilt and leaving me in the dust. He was singing “Polly Wolly Doodle” and ignoring my god awful noises. Because I didn’t have a watch on I was not sure if I could still make my time goal. At one time I recall saying, “I won’t make it but that is ok with me”. I thought this might slow him down but he kept on cruising. It was getting harder and harder to keep up. I was so afraid of tripping and falling again. The leaf litter covers the rocks and roots and clumsy tired feet can lead to a wipe out at any time. In my head I was chanting “don’t trip, don’t fall, stay safe” I also remember seeing another runner who was wearing a witches hat. During the day he looked friendly but for some reason at mile 95ish he looked like a pilgrim zombie and his eyes were glowing red. Shudder. They call it the Ghost Train for a reason.

When we hit the last strip to the finish line I started running as hard as I could. Holly had jumped back in and I asked her to look at the finish clock and tell me the time…HOLY CRAP!!! I was going to make it! I was laughing and crying at the same time. WHITE WHALE! WHITE WHALE! I wont deny that I ended the night by dressing up in a giant squirrel suit. I also may have run around telling people to look at my nuts.

I can’t possibly express the gratitude that I feel for my crew. They were such a big part of my success. Life is a crazy journey and it isn’t so much what you do but who you do it with and I am so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life.

So whats next? Rest!! I will take a short time off to recover and get ready to be a guest on the Lindsey Hein Show on November 9th. Tickets

And I will continue to prepare my heart, mind and body for Infinitus 888k. If you want to be a part of that adventure please click on the links below. Thanks for following my journey!

Infinitus 888k crew and pacers







Ghost Train..All Aboard!

I am very excited to announce that professional photographer Kam Mitchell has decided to join my crew for Infinitus888k!  kammitchell.com will bring his photography skills, sense of adventure and his amazing custom camper van. We took a trip up Parker Mountain last week to chat about the event. I have always wanted to find the old airplane wreck up there so we used some GPS coordinates and my Gaiya App to locate it. It was quite a scramble down a steep and slick ridge to get to the plane. We found it though! The story behind it is described as follows on Rondinone’s Adventures:

“In 1946 a twin-engine airplane crashed into the side of Parker Mountain in Strafford NH, killing all three people onboard. All these years later pieces of the plane still remain on the mountainside, …Occupants of the airplane were millionaire Leslie LeVeque, his wife Elsa, and pilot Robert Johns, all of Columbus Ohio. In addition to being a real estate investor and co-owner of the then tallest building in Columbus, the Lincoln Tower, Leslie was the inventor of the automatic pinsetter used in bowling alleys. The couple were returning from a weekend at their summer home in Blue Hill Missouri when, according to the Marysville Tribune of Ohio, a lack of visibility due to dense fog caused them to hit the mountain.”


I also had an opportunity to do market research with Saucony! They had a few of my friends and I test run some shoes and they did a detailed interview.  We got paid and were also given some free shoes! I am impressed that the company is doing so much research to understand the needs of their customers.


As a last blast for my training block I jumped into Vulcan’s Fury 13 mile trail race at Pawtuckaway Park this past Sunday. What an awesome race!! The course is very technical to begin with and the rain and mud really added to the adventure. My plan was to put in enough effort to be about a minute per mile faster than training pace. I wanted to push it but not need too much recovery because my 100 miler is coming up. I ended up being first place in my age division and 7th woman over all. Not bad! My legs were a little bit sore but it was likely because my quads never warmed up for the steep descents. I made new friends and stayed in one piece. I had one scary moment coming down South Mountain where I rode a wet and slippery tree root like it was a half pipe…I can’t believe I landed on my feet!

Another busy week of training and getting things together for yet another trip on the Ghost Train 100 miler! I have an all star crew lined up and hope that despite the dreary weather forecast we will have fun and I can pull off a PR. They will try to have live tracking but the link has not yet been released. I will  post it on my forward motion page and my personal FB page as soon as I know. In the very least I will have some interesting photos and stories after this weekend! Thanks for reading!

Double, Double Boil and Trouble


Double, double boil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Seriously, I love Halloween more than anyone but is this a boil? It will go great with my costume for the Halloween parade but that isn’t for a few weeks. Spider bite perhaps? Or someone using a voodoo doll? I do not recall a specific injury. Anyway I am keeping a close eye on it and treating it at home for now. It is quite painful and rubs between my compression sleeves and socks.
I am less than 2 weeks away from Ghost Train 100!!! I have my crew lined up and I am getting all of my gear together. (And costumes of course!) I feel pretty tired and burnt out this week but historically I always hit a slump at this time. I just finished my last big training block last weekend but I wont really start to taper until next weekend. My schedule was a little bit weird with training because I had oral surgery and had to take some days off. I ended up doing a block of 18, 20, and 12 miles all in a row to keep up my weekly mileage. I feel pretty toasted but that is how I should feel. In the world of ultras the training is way harder than the race. Hopefully I have put in enough effort to have a good shot at Ghost Train this year. And tomorrow I am cleared to start chewing food on that side of my mouth which will make me feel way better.
I have switched from doing shorter faster runs on road to doing some longer tempo runs on rail trail. It is a little bit experimental but leading into a flat 100 I am guessing that 10-20 milers at an 8:20 pace might be more beneficial than 7 miles on road at a 7:30 pace. Only time will tell…
I went and ran some new trail with my friend Holly on Saturday which helped to break up the monotony a little bit. I was low on energy but we chatted the whole time which made it go by faster.
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I am very excited to announce that I am getting PAID to test out some trail shoes this week! It is a blind test where I wont even know what brand they are until the run is over. After the run I will get money and also get to keep the shoes. SCORE!!! Hopefully I will be able to reveal the information later but I am not sure.
Another cool thing is happening this week.. I was contacted by a photographer who is interested in doing some media work for my attempt at Ininitus 888k. He may also have a small camper van to loan for the event. I am pretty excited to have him join up with my team of crew & pacers…if anyone else is interested in being a part of the adventure, please check out the links below:  Thank you!, Until next week…..