Kick Off!

I am a winner! I am a winner! I am just getting home from the SIX03 Kick Off party. They had a huge raffle for club members and just as I was mumbling about the fact that I am a loser and never win prizes they called my name! I won free entry into all of the races for the Stratham Hill trail series. So every Thursday in May I will be running a 10k race in the evening. It will be a great way to incorporate doubles into my training schedule. Phoebe and I are admiring the big bag of bling that I came home with. I got to test out shoes and talk to all of the sports company reps about gear. I am looking into trying a pair of  Topos and revisiting some Saucony trail shoes that have been revamped. All of my current shoes have 400-600 miles on them..time for some new kicks!




This was a drop down week for me so I only ran 60 miles. I got to jump into some more group runs and hang out with all of my weird friends. We are all scowling in the first photo because Tyler wanted us to look grumpy. The rest of the photos have no reasonable explanations..just a bunch of strange birds.





My legs are pretty sore from running this morning. We did 16 miles in the rain while it was in the 30’s. My quads never warmed up and I felt pretty stiff. The weather has been challenging with alternating snow, slush, ice and rain. I hope this week brings more pleasant days. Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog!



Cue “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

I ran my first 100 mile week of the season! And I am pleased to say that I am feeling good. It will be hard to dial it back this week for a drop down week but I need to follow my process. The paces that I was struggling for a couple of weeks ago feel easy now.

I had some pretty tough conditions for some of my long runs. Black ice, mashed potato snow, white ice, impossible water crossings, gusting wind, whiteout conditions and sub zero temps. I strive to get a lot of elevation gain in my miles so most of my profiles look like this:Capture

And the running surface looked like this:


I was really excited to have a group of friends join me on one of my hilly routes this weekend. It is so much more fun when you have a pack of people. We braved the single digit temps and crushed the hills.


I ran with another pack this morning. This time we hit mostly flat and dry paved roads. I was really happy to discover that I am getting my mojo back. It was not easy digging my way out of the hole that I fell into during my off season. I am getting stronger and faster every week though so I will stick to my plan and see what I can do in the spring. I am so thankful for all of my running buddies who make this journey so much more fun. 2018 is going to be a blast!!


Noodle Brain

90 glorious miles for the week! And after running trail and loads of hills I squeezed out 8,389 ft. of elevation gain. Not too bad for an old lady. I am so grateful to be healthy and able to get out there every day..cold, rain or shine I am so thankful for the fresh air. Although I may complain a little when my eyeballs freeze and I can’t see. (That happened on my 20 miler)

My trail run in the ice storm was an adventure. Everything was coated in ice and looked like it was made out of glass and towards the end it was pouring rain and big trees were coming down.  RUN!! When I reached the fire tower the wind blew and huge ice chunks the size of hub caps started falling from up above. Time to get out!





Most of my road runs consisted of ice and I had to switch in and out of spikes. I would much rather have that hassle if it can keep me in rural and pretty places. I only run city streets when I need to run fast or hang out with my friends. Urban places just aren’t my jam.

Per usual this blog post will be short!  My high mileage has already turned me into a food monster. All I could think about at work  today was noodles and  on my way home I went to the grocery store in a haze and came home with this.


Also, poor little Pheebs is (semi) patiently waiting for my attention. She personally thinks that running is stupid and time consuming. I know that my training methodologies are unorthodox but there is a method to my madness. And two big factors in my training plan or food and rest so…gotta go! Until next week 🙂



Six Months Away!

This weeks training was pretty well rounded.


Some of it was long runs on road, I squeezed in some miles at sub eight minute pace. (very challenging for me right now) I even managed to make it to a pub run for a few miles and run at night with my flashy lights.


And to mix it up I also broke trail after the snowstorm which was more like 16 minute miles. It was high adventure including a fall through the ice and a cartwheel across a stream bed and several other wipe outs due to slipping on powder covered ice. At one point I caught my foot under a branch covered by snow and broke it in half as I plummeted through the air. When I went to get back up I was like an upside down beetle and couldn’t get my footing to get back up. I thought it would be funny to take a picture of the broken branch and title it “Branch 1: Goldman 0) But when I tried to take the photo I fell again and now have a fancy digital art photo of me falling with the busted branch.

(Branch 2:Goldman 0).


It reminded me of another candid falling photo from the past so I turned that one into art too. My friend Fish Stick fell when I went to take a selfie that day. Epic.


Anyway..I am glad that I had a solid week of training to build my confidence because a few minutes ago I just got my registration confirmation for VT100!!! Only six months away..holy moly! Last year was such a blast, I really hope that this is the year that I do not have any broken bones or health disasters and I can get my sub 24. I have so many friends to train with this year and I am looking forward to warmer weather and long trail runs. Woohoo!



I’m Back!

Sorry for the lull in blog posts. I finally started training again this week and I feel so much better. I am slowly pulling myself out of a deep funk. The off season nearly destroyed me. Running is what keeps me together so when I stop, I feel like everything falls apart. I felt sluggish and depressed. I let my house get messy. I felt guilty about my BODPOD results and started eating crappy food that made me put on 7 lbs.

But it is all over now, this week I dove back in this week and logged 66.3 miles with 5,810 feet of elevation gain.  Some was in deep snow, breaking trail, wearing snowshoes and some was in balmy warm weather on foggy paved roads. The fluctuation in conditions has been absurd. Yesterday I overheated because it was in the mid 50’s and today it was real feel of 9 below zero again. I was struggling with my face mask icing up so I ordered a neoprene face mask. I look completely terrifying when I wear it and I feel like a sleestack from Land of the Lost. But it is still preferable to getting frost bite.

I beat my legs up running a super hilly route on Friday. I tried to jump in on a group run to run sub 8 minute miles yesterday but it was a FAIL. I was totally zapped and had to slow down. It always amazes me how quickly I can lose my speed when I take a break. My plan right now is to get my miles back up and do slow/steady long runs on hilly terrain until I build my mitochondrial density back up. I just need to be patient and I will get my mojo back soon.

After doing a bunch of research I have decided to toss most of the data from the UNH bodpod testing out the window. I spoke with some people who were professionals that worked with those machines and they said that the results were very often inaccurate. They said that women over 40 typically showed the most skewed results. The bottom line is that I am not overweight. I do not have issues bonking or crashing in races or training runs. I feel like changing my diet drastically would backfire. I may work a little bit on reducing fat intake but not at a level that makes me feel deprived or restricted. My nutrition is pretty on spot and I am healthy. So I guess I will stick with the old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it”

Last post of 2017!

Another year in the books! New England is being hit by a nasty cold snap. I will be spending the last day of 2017 as a volunteer at an emergency pop up shelter for the homeless.
A group of friends helped me pull together an entire car load of blankets, socks, coats, boots, hygiene products etc.. There was so much that it is being dispersed to several shelters. Every item was needed and appreciated.The shelter in Rochester still needs volunteers to stay open. Here is a link where you can sign up. No experience is needed. volunteer sign up
I can’t even imagine trying to survive outdoors right now. it has been dangerously cold and I have mostly opted to run indoors. I  even snuck into the UNH track one day after I got burnt out on the treadmill. I was surprised to find my friend Taryn there who apparently had the same idea.

Although I am still technically on my off season I have been getting itchy feet and I need to start moving. I joined a group of friends yesterday for 8 miles outside. It was real feel of -14.


I have my blank calendar pages out and I am starting to write up my training plan for 2018. I may also be changing some things with my nutrition this year based on the feedback from UNH. I will save this topic for my next blog!

Wishing you all a happy new year. Please be safe tonight!

Off Season

Who wants to know about my projected race list for this coming year!? First though,  here I am last week having an Elfin good time. My last run before diving head first into this mysterious thing called the “Off Season”. I am already feeling like, “I used to be a runner”. I need this break for mental reasons more than physical ones. I have a huge line up of races that I would like to do in 2018 and I need to start the season right. I would rather feel over-rested and chomping at the bit than worn out and tired.


So until mid January I am mostly doing walks, hikes and some strength training. And I hope to catch up on all of the annoying little things in life that pile up and stress me out. I hope to get my CEU course work out of the way, organize my business finances and deep clean my house. I am also nailing down my list of races that I want to do which means I will be ready to prepare my training calendar for the year. Some of these are in question due to dates and finances but here is my list. (the two hundreds would be goal races and all of the others are mainly training races)

  • The Cheap Marathon
  • TARC Spring Classic
  • Infinitus Marathon
  • Drummer Hill 50k
  • Run 4 Ascutney
  • VT 100
  • Wapack Fall 18 miler
  • Tully & Pisgah Stage
  • Ghost Train 100

Hopefully my “Spring Curse” doesn’t happen and I will have a real race season where I am fully trained. The last 3 years started with a broken pelvis, a serious neurological event and a broken leg. They say that things happen in 3’s so hopefully I am done with that now.

Well, I don’t have much else to report but here are some pictures. One is me last Monday with my friend Don, we hit some trails in Venice FL. The others are 5 days later, (WEATHER TRANSITION!) of me and my buddy John climbing Pheobe’s Nable and Moose Mountain. Just a hike but boots, spikes and ice covered snow always make for a good workout!