Live Show Recording is Available!

For those of you who missed it, I had the honor of being a guest panelist on the Lindsey Hein show! I had a blast and met some incredible people. I am so thankful that Sarah Canney/ Run Rise Retreat made this event possible. You can listen to the show here: Episode 152 Portsmouth, NH


And it seems I am famous in Portsmouth for other reasons too! I got a snippet on the Chronical show about the Portsmouth Halloween parade. I am the creature with long fingers at 0:24 Parade Video 

I have really been struggling to get back into training since Ghost Train. The first 11 days were my normal rest period but after that I was having some issues with tight adductors and medial knee pain. I finally got that sorted out when I went to see my chiropractor, Dr. Middleton. But as soon as I tried to run again I came down with some kind of yuck with stomach distress and chest congestion. My miles were sporadic as I tried to get back on my feet. I think I finally turned the corner this weekend and hope to jump back into training. Lucky that I waited a week to post so I still have a bunch of running photos to share!

I also had a great conference call with The Brain Injury Association of America this week. Starting in January we will get the ball rolling to do a fundraiser for them that is connected to my Infinitus 888k attempt. In the meanwhile they suggested that I work on securing funds and supplies to cover my own needs for the event. I am hoping to get some sponsorship from a particular shoe company and will find out in January. I am also contacting some vegan food companies to see if they would like to get involved. And as always I will share the links below for anyone who would like to contribute to my GOFUNDME  or sign up to Pace or crew Infinitus888k.

And guess what is next???!!! Thanksgiving…which means I will be running the Dover Turkey Trot in a dumb food costume…tune in next week to see what I come up with. Thanks for following my adventures!




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