Recovery And Other News

After a 100 miler I usually take about 10 full days off from running. I still went out for some nice short hikes with my mom. Some of my friends and I did a little night hike up Blue Job Mountain and got some nice views.The weather has been pretty lousy so I haven’ exactly had a burning desire to go out and run anyway. My body feels good for the most part. I still have some soreness in my sartorius and have been trying to work out some knots and tightness.



I am still riding the high of Ghost Train and more photos get posted every day. For those of you who are ultra-running fans, MNT Outhouse showed a random photo of me running with my coffee cup while Jam Jam was talking about Jinks record finish time. Hilarious, they must have uploaded the wrong photo. When I left the course this year I was saying that maybe I would not return because I had hit all of my bench marks. (first place female in 2015 and my sub 20 hour finish this year) But then, an interesting article popped up and I was surprised to read that my friend Yuki missed continental top 25 by 3 minutes. That means that I missed it by 25 minutes. 15 seconds per mile…can I shave that off next year? Hmmmm. More aerodynamic hats? Food for thought.

Interesting article!


I might not be running but I still went to a race today. The Great Pumpkin Relay is one of SIX03’s best races! I cheered and took photos of people in their Halloween Costumes. I had to leave to go to work but I am guessing that the guys running with beer pong tables attached to them won the costume contest. And they call ME crazy!


So hopefully by next weekend I will start easing back into training again. My next race is TARC Winter classic on December 1st. A mere 40 miler. The week after that I am scheduled for vascular surgery. I have genetic vascular disease and I have been having issues with reflux and blood clots. Recovery should be fairly quick. 2 days off from work and 2 weeks off from running. The good news is that the Dr. said that removing the damaged veins will help the blood get to my heart faster and it might improve my running…vroom vroom! Well, that is all for this week. As always, thanks for following my adventures!



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