I’m back!

I followed the return to run interval plan from PT and got myself back on my feet. This weekend is my biggest training block for the Vermont 100 so it was time to roll the dice and see if I could jump back in. My schedule had me doing big back to back long runs. (30miles/20 miles)I found a small 50k trail race online and jumped into it with my friend John on Saturday. The Drummer Hill race was fun and challenging. It had 4,200 feet of elevation gain and every single step was either rocks, roots, a water crossing or a switch back. It was also a pretty warm and humid day. We stuck together and ran conservatively and I ended up being the second female finisher! We were 5th and 6th overall I believe. It was 5 loops and each one felt a little bit harder.profile

The volunteers were awesome, especially this guy with the coconut boobs.

The course was fun but I think I smashed my feet up more than any other race I have done. The rocks and roots left my feet bruised on the tops and bottoms. I never actually fell but I tripped about a million times. I was weary of doing my 20 miler this morning but thanks to the help of a friend I got through that one too. The whole point of back to back training is to go out the second day on tired legs and test the limits of your depleted body to prepare it for the big race. It was very hot and humid and although my leg is holding up just fine I was overheating and salting out. (it was 90 degrees when I finished)  This is because I am jumping in so quickly, usually my body learns how to store extra water and handle the heat but I missed 4 weeks due to my injury. I brought a ton of water and Nuun tabs and even stopped at some sketchy swamps a few times to cool my body off in the water. My buddy Kevin ran the first 15 with me. The route was way easier than yesterdays course but still had technical sections, a lot of climbing and water crossings.


We took some nice pics of us hanging our mouths open like weirdos because that is what we do best.

BeFunky Collage

The last 5 miles after Keven left were tough. I was so hot. I stuck to a flatter section of trail and picked the pace up a little at the end. So the verdict is that I am back in the saddle. I have a ways to go to get back to 100% fitness but I have a fighting chance at VT. A 51 mile weekend and 95 mile week and other than feeling appropriately tired I am no worse for the wear. Onward and upwards!




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