Working Out the Kinks

This was my first week trying to orchestrate the juggling act of getting to my fitness training while trying to maintain my work and running schedule. Not all went as planned, I found myself being too short on time to get my runs in a few days, so this week I will try going to the Center For Athletes even earlier to see if that works out. I enjoyed my strength and fitness training. I work out for the hour and a half sessions and feel great when I leave. It isn’t until the next morning that I feel like I got beat up by baseball bats. My trainer, Billy, cracks me up. He had me working with these resistance cables and warned me not to push it too hard because I might lose my balance and hit the cement wall like a bug on a windshield.


I have been dealing with a nagging pain for over a month now. My spine and pelvis are so out of alignment that everything is grating against my hip bone when I move. I am going to start getting regular chiropractic adjustments again starting this week. (long overdue)

I found myself in a funk these last few days. I am so mentally pumped up to start my training season but my body is not quite ready to comply. The thing that got me back on track was seeing workout posts from two of my friends who are dealing with long term injuries. Bill Buckley and Ryan Gendron both sustained some nasty traumas in their races this year. Reading their workout stats and witnessing the positivity that they both exude despite their current limitations reminded me that being an athlete is never easy. It is about putting 100% into the things that you can do and letting go of what you can’t do until the time is right. So I will continue to work out the kinks and do the best that I can each day. This week that meant running slowly on snowy trails and slipping around on icy roads. Let’s see what next week brings!



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